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Assessment for Learning: the road to success

Annie Altamirano

Annie Altamirano

Abstract: For instruction to be truly effective, we need to introduce assessment for learning as an ongoing process. In this session, I will explore what assessment for learning involves, what the advantages of implementing this form of assessment are and how it can be embedded in the learning-teaching cycle.

Biodata: Annie Altamirano, teacher trainer, author. Annie graduated from teacher training college with a first-class degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language in Argentina and holds an MA in ELT and Applied Linguistics from the University of London. As author, she has worked with a wide range of publishers and written materials for children and adolescents. Her latest published work includes Cambridge Global English Teacher’s Resource, 2nd ed., published by Cambridge University Press. She has given teacher-training workshops and presentations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She is currently a mentor in the Cambridge Teacher support Service and TESOL-SPAIN’s Vice-President and External Liaison Officer.

The Impact of the CEFR and the CEFR CV on Language Education

Jana Bérešová

Jana Bérešová

Abstract: The concepts that are behind the CEFR significantly influence current language education. This centring on learners shifts the static models of communicative competence towards a dynamic vision of language education. Concepts such as an action-oriented approach, mediation, etc. will be introduced, emphasising their implications for ELT. The action-oriented approach is based on the social context, the language-seen-as-communication concept and the concept of a distinction between communicative activities and competence.  Learners seen as social agents help construct and convey meaning and create bridges between members within the same community or different communities. The concept of learning languages for communication is broadened by the concept of learning other subjects through the languages. Plurilingual and pluricultural competence enables language learners to achieve communicative goals by approaching texts in other languages. 

Biodata: Jana Bérešová is an associate professor, teaching at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Education, Trnava University in Slovakia. Her teaching priorities comprise courses of ELT and linguistics.  She is intensively engaged in pre-service and in-service teacher training focussing on communicative approaches to language teaching and language testing. She succeeded in reforming the school-leaving examination in English, officially recognized by the Slovak Ministry of Education, which helped to change the system of examining students’ performances.

Dr Bérešová’s main activities are related to training teachers and university students to assess language competence as professionally as possible. Her active participation in the ECML training and consultancy programme, implemented directly in European countries that apply for it, enables her to recognise a variety of language teaching and testing approaches in the context of local educational cultures that influence them. She is the author of many books, textbooks and articles. She shares her knowledge and experience in international seminars and conferences.

Inclusive practices in ELT - does that really happen?

Rómulo Neves

Rómulo Neves

Abstract: With an increasingly diverse student population, it is important to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Rather than merely being reactive to accommodation when the need arises, we have to focus on the learner and develop proactive initiatives to make learning, teaching and assessment accessible and inclusive to all.

Come prepared for hands-on activities that will inspire you to discuss the Decree-Law 55/2018; the DL 54/2018; Curriculum Flexibility; Inclusive Practices and the Universal Design for Learning with a can-do approach!

Biodata:  Well, he tends to be a man that cannot sit still for long... That's why he works as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, as a teacher of Special Educational Needs and as a teacher at the University. Currently, he works in Madeira Island, Portugal. 

He is certainly passionate about Education and he strongly believes that we, as teachers, can always do more and better. That's why he keeps on studying, researching and sharing new ideas, techniques and strategies to improve teaching practices and to empower teachers and consequently students, too.

Rom, as he likes to be named, took a degree in English language and culture, a post-graduation in Special Educational Needs and a master in Supervision in Initial Teacher Training.

He is a teacher trainer at several centres for teacher professional development in Portugal and abroad and he also works as an author with Porto Editora. 

“A Fish Out of Water” – Projects using music videos to develop empathy and promote meaningful discussion

Anna Pires

Anna Pires

Abstract: Music and videos are an inseparable part of teenagers’ lives. In this very practical session, we will be looking at narratives in music videos and how they can be used to work on projects that will engage learners. Not only will they help develop their language skills, but perhaps more importantly, focus learners’ attention on deep and meaningful issues that will lead to a deeper understanding of the importance of empathy.

Biodata: Anna Pires is originally from Canada and has been an EFL teacher in Portugal for over 25 years. She is the Assistant Director of Studies at International House Braga, a teacher trainer and a coursebook writer for Porto Editora. She is very passionate about working with teenagers and loves the challenge of trying to motivate and engage her students through projects. Her love for music is always present in her teaching.

Their Potential is OUR inspiration!

Lucy Bravo

Lucy Bravo

Abstract: The original 3Rs of education was a phrase coined in the early 19th Century. Two hundred plus years later we have to readjust our mindset and that of our youth. How we design our activities will play a huge part in their development. This session aims to provide teachers with tools that change the way students think about themselves and help them to readjust their potential.


Lucy Bravo is the Managing Director of Knightsbridge Examination & Training Centre. She has an MSc in ELT Management and a Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Language Testing among others. Lucy has extensive experience teaching exam preparation classes, is a Cambridge Presenter & Teacher Trainer and has been a Cambridge speaking examiner for over 14 years. Lucy currently teaches at the Escola Superior de Educação and is an accredited trainer in Portugal and has also works with the Azorean Ministry of Education as an external consultant.

The Text as Meeting Space: developing intercultural awareness and mediation through transmedia

Claudia Ferradas

Claudia Ferradas

Abstract: The reading experience, which can involve different media, offers opportunities to come into contact with diverse contexts and personal circumstances. A critical approach to such texts can help us develop awareness of diversity and at the same time highlight what we have in common with others, thus encouraging empathy and contributing to our resilience within a safe fictional environment.

In this plenary we will explore the potential of contemporary literary texts for empathy and mediation in an ELT context though a sample of short narratives, poems and video-poems. We will discuss activities to approach texts as spaces to encounter difference and encourage readers to respond to them by reflecting on their own fluid identities and our commonalities as humans. 

Biodata: Claudia Ferradas has extensive international experience as a conference presenter, teacher educator and materials writer. She holds an MA in Education and Professional Development from the University of East Anglia and a PhD in English Studies from the University of Nottingham. She is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she has taught language and literature for many years, both in translation and teacher training programmes.

She is an Affiliate Trainer with NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education), UK, where she teaches on professional development courses and on the MA in Professional Development for Language Education validated by the University of Chichester.

Claudia co-chaired the British Council Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature (Corpus Christi College) on five occasions. She has also published poetry in Spanish and in English and is a singer and podcaster.


Podcast: Palabras en escena

Webpage: www.claudiaferradas.net

Instagram: @clauferradas

Facebook: ferradasclaudia: Claudia Ferradas ELT Consultant

Twitter: @claudiaferradas

LinkedIn: claudiaferradas

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